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Nippon Ren products

We are a manufacturer and distributor of dietary supplements and cosmetics, Brand name is “Nippon Ren” and High Quality of Japanese “MADE in Japan” Our company was specialized in anti-aging supplements products and cosmetics trend in Japan and South Korea.

  • Our Manufactory was get the production and quality certification and JHNFA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.

  • Our products was get Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from Thailand.

  • Our products was get Products Liability Insurance for International customers.

  • Nippon Ren have produced “ High Quality” products and effect to your skin with strong research more than 10 years in Japan and South Korea for all of our products.

  • High quality of Japanese

  • Effective results

  • Safe with long term research in Japan

  • Nippon Ren products Beauty, Heath, Safe, Long life


11/11/2019 : NIPPON REN COLLAGEN on sale at Central Watsons Stores and Watson Online in Thailand.